Marvel’s new twist on Captain America changes the status quo. But is it all just a big gimmick?

So Marvel has been throwing Ol Cap through a lot of shit as of late; Cap has been without his powers and shield for quite some time, after losing his super soldier serum and becoming an old man (thanks to comic book shenanigans). The shield and Captain title were handed to his longtime sidekick, Falcon and Steve Rogers was placed into a more Commander type role. But then things were looking good for old Cap; he got his powers restored (thanks to even more shenanigans) and took a new shield and costume. However, Marvel’s not done just yet and still have a few more surprises up their sleeves. Read More


Sort-of-Reviews: Preacher ‘Pilot’ Premiere

Vampires, Bazookas and explosive ghosts – Preacher deviates from the original comics, but keeps it’s heart and spirit present.

If you knew anything about Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s original cult classic Preacher graphic novel, you were probably surprised to hear that it was being adapted into a television series by AMC (The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad); and even more surprised to find out that Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (yes that Seth Rogen) were the directors who were bringing it to Preacher to life onto our screens. But even with some of Seth Rogen’s enthusiasm to help grease the wheels, how does one adapt a property like Preacher in a show? A property which’s main theme is to pretty much spit in the face of religion as a whole? Read More

The Liebster Awards: Judgement day ed.

I knew this would come…the day where someone would mistake this collection of insane ramblings as an actual blog and now that day is here…So screw it, let’s get this show on the road. So first of all I would like to thank Diego over at LazySundayMovies for exposing my blog as the farce that it is nominating me to take part in this cool event! I’ll admit that before the nomination, I was unfamiliar with the Liebster awards, but after a quick search on google, I confirmed that it was in fact actually not a cult; so in that case, I was on board and ready to do it. Read More

Assassin’s Creed movie trailer debut

So the first trailer for Assassins Creed has dropped a few days ago (from the date of this post) and I feel somewhat ashamed for saying that I almost completely forget this was going to be a thing (especially seeing that I’m a fan of the series). Assassin’s Creed is the first movie produced by it’s creator Ubisoft’s new Motion picture department, who look set to turn some of their most popular game series into movies Read More

The Ghost in the Shell Whitewashing reminds us of a big issue within the movie industry

Ghost in the shell is one of the most recognisable and influential Japanese animations ever, it helped bring the Cyberpunk genre and Sci-Fi as a whole, even deeper into the mainstream. Many elements of this movie/series can be seen in much of today’s media as directors draw influence from this ground breaking series. So when Scarlett Johansson (not from Japan), was cast to play lead character Motoko ‘Major’ Kusanagi (very much from Japan), it didn’t take long for accusations of Whitewashing to hit the internet. Read More

Marvel enters it’s supernatural phase

The supernatural world is not something we have seen much of in Marvel, sure we have Thor hamming it up with the norse mythology, but when it comes to straight up supernatural stuff, Marvel has mostly shyed away…till now. We saw small inklings of it in the second season of Daredevil (what with the magic heartless vampire Ninja’s), but even then, anything that appeared to be even remotely fucked up and weird was pretty much unexplored. Read More