Looking back: Independence Day then and now

What happens when you take an American flag, coat it in a thin veneer of the 1990s “attitude” and then mount it to a fucking fighter jet ? A shitty opening joke? Perhaps, but if you would like a better way to sum up the 1996 sci-fi action classic Independence Day, then think ‘Top Gun’ meets ‘War of the Worlds’ (with a few sprinklings of every other sci-fi classic). Now whether you thought Independence Day was a good movie or not, it left its mark on the world when it hit the cinemas as a true summer blockbuster. So with its sequel Independence Day: Resurgence hitting cinemas in a mere few days, 20 years after the original, it feels like a good time to go and examine the old classic and see how far we have come as a species since. Read More


Assassin’s Creed movie trailer debut

So the first trailer for Assassins Creed has dropped a few days ago (from the date of this post) and I feel somewhat ashamed for saying that I almost completely forget this was going to be a thing (especially seeing that I’m a fan of the series). Assassin’s Creed is the first movie produced by it’s creator Ubisoft’s new Motion picture department, who look set to turn some of their most popular game series into movies Read More

The Ghost in the Shell Whitewashing reminds us of a big issue within the movie industry

Ghost in the shell is one of the most recognisable and influential Japanese animations ever, it helped bring the Cyberpunk genre and Sci-Fi as a whole, even deeper into the mainstream. Many elements of this movie/series can be seen in much of today’s media as directors draw influence from this ground breaking series. So when Scarlett Johansson (not from Japan), was cast to play lead character Motoko ‘Major’ Kusanagi (very much from Japan), it didn’t take long for accusations of Whitewashing to hit the internet. Read More

Marvel enters it’s supernatural phase

The supernatural world is not something we have seen much of in Marvel, sure we have Thor hamming it up with the norse mythology, but when it comes to straight up supernatural stuff, Marvel has mostly shyed away…till now. We saw small inklings of it in the second season of Daredevil (what with the magic heartless vampire Ninja’s), but even then, anything that appeared to be even remotely fucked up and weird was pretty much unexplored. Read More

Civil War trailer 2: Marvel’s Spider-man revealed

As promised Marvel dropped the second trailer for Captain America Civil Warm this trailer was long rumored to be the one to finally introduce the ever popular web swinging, friendly neighborhood Spider-man (Tom Holland) into the Marvel cinematic universe.Lo and be-hold, right at the end of the trailer we get to see the web head in action as he disarms Captain America of his shield (making for one cool final money shot). So the long reported rumor of Spider-man being on Team iron and fighting Captain America, looks like it was bang on the money. Read More

Wolverine Juarez (working title), hinted to borrow heavily from ‘Old man Logan’?

Pretty much from the moment Hugh Jackman announced the third solo Wolverine (currently titled ‘Wolverine Juarez’), would also serve as his last time he’d play the iconic Marvel role; it has been heavily hinted that the next Wolverine movie would borrow heavily from ‘Old Man Logan’, (and when I say hinted I mean Jackman literally yelled “old man Logan” to a crowd of nerds). Fans went ballistic with this announcement, but what is the big deal about this old man Logan you asked and can this actually work? Read More

Batman ♥ Superman: Breaking Dawn PT. 1

First trailer up is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which looks set to be the new Twilight of our generation; we have Batman, our enigmatic, wealthy, brooding, dark knight, who really needs to get his shit together (Edward). Superman, an alien outcast who just wants to be accepted and is convinced that his life is worse than yours (Bella), despite the fact that he has super powers, and has most likely left half the citizens of Metropolis jobless…or dead. Finally to complete the love triangle there’s Wonder Woman…who is just kind of there…and is Wonder Woman (Werewolf guy). Because you know, without Wonder boobs we might come to realise that Batman v Superman, could just be the greatest gay love story ever told. Read More