E3 2016 press conference roundup

So the three day event we know as E3 is drawing to a close, with Nintendo finishing the event with their conferences (although Nintendo actually was not officially a part of E3). A lot transpired with the gaming community these past few days, so let us break it all down and pick out the best and worse highlights of E3 2016. But first, we have a question to answer…

So who won?

So the real answer should be something along the lines of “we the consumer are the winners”. But that answer is no different than when everyone in the classroom receives  a “thank you for participating” badge shaped fuck you to the face. Read More


“I didn’t ask for this?”

So uhhhhh…is Cyberpunk slowly coming back? Because if it is I wasn’t invited to the meeting. Only a week (probably more) after the debut of the new installment in the Deus Ex series; Mankind Divided. Treyarch has released trailers for their new Cyberpunk themed installment of Call of Duty. This one serves as the third installment in the Black ops series, and will presumably be titled as ‘Black Ops 3: Humanity Subtracted’. Anyway this iteration certainly shares many themes (suspiciously…I jest), with Deus Ex albeit swapping out ‘augmented’ folk with ‘modified’ ones.

The similarities are certainly striking; both games feature gruff male protagonists with sleek black robot arms, that do a lot of stuff our arms can’t (challenge accepted?). I’ll admit that while I don’t care much for COD these days, the gameplay trailer definitely had some cool moments, like robot arm turning into a death canon kind of moments. Check out the gameplay trailer embedded below, and above that check out a cool live action promotional short. It reminds me a lot of the early marketing videos for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and in a good way.

Oh and the Zombies are back!



Shut up and take my…money??

“I didn’t ask for this”

“I didn’t ask for this”, but I’m pretty damn glad it’s here! ‘Deus Ex Mankind Divided’, is the fourth installment (we’ll just hop along and ignore ‘The Fall’) in the Deus Ex video game series. Adam Jensen, our lovable Robocop protagonist who doesn’t ask for stuff, is back punching through walls and the innocent who cower behind them (ok they’re probably not all innocent).