Dr. Doom is our new ‘Infamous Iron Man’

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We are getting closer to finding out the fate of Tony Stark at the end of Marvel’s Civil War II event. After Marvel first revealed that a new character, 15 year-old  Riri Williams, would don the iconic red and gold armor, effectively replacing Stark, fans begin to question the whereabouts of Tony Stark.

For those of you that were just hoping that Stark was just taking a breather, it might be looking more like Tony has instead taken his last. Marvel has dropped their post Civil War comic line up and it looks like there might be another contender to the Iron Man throne, so say hello to the Infamous Iron Man, the one and only Dr. Victor Von Doom. Read More


Tony Stark Is Out And Riri Williams Is In. Here’s Why That’s A Big Deal.

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You’ve Probably heard already that Tony Stark the original Iron-Man, will no longer serve as the man behind the armour, for reasons that will become apparent at the climax of Marvel’s on-going Civil War II event. Though with Tony Stark left to deal with the death of his best friend and partner, James Rhodes (War Machine), the reveal of his biological mother and the second Civil War itself, it’s little wonder that Iron-Man might be retiring his armour.

Although, what surprised most of us was who would be replacing him; 15-year-old Riri Williams, a talented student at M.I.T.

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First Avenger Or Hydra Agent? Issue 2 Of Captain America Gives Us Answers [Spoilers]

A few weeks agoMarvel pulled one of it’s most ambitious twists yet. That Captain America, the freedom loving Nazi punching, former werewolf, was secretly a deep undercover agent of Hydra the whole time. Naturally, readers were shocked by the sudden change to the status quo, with many, including myself, drawing their own conclusions as to whether it would stick or not. Marvel told us to expect more information and possible answers in the second issue, and as promised, we have received just that.

So Is Captain America a Turncoat?

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Marvel’s new twist on Captain America changes the status quo. But is it all just a big gimmick?

So Marvel has been throwing Ol Cap through a lot of shit as of late; Cap has been without his powers and shield for quite some time, after losing his super soldier serum and becoming an old man (thanks to comic book shenanigans). The shield and Captain title were handed to his longtime sidekick, Falcon and Steve Rogers was placed into a more Commander type role. But then things were looking good for old Cap; he got his powers restored (thanks to even more shenanigans) and took a new shield and costume. However, Marvel’s not done just yet and still have a few more surprises up their sleeves. Read More

Wolverine Juarez (working title), hinted to borrow heavily from ‘Old man Logan’?

Pretty much from the moment Hugh Jackman announced the third solo Wolverine (currently titled ‘Wolverine Juarez’), would also serve as his last time he’d play the iconic Marvel role; it has been heavily hinted that the next Wolverine movie would borrow heavily from ‘Old Man Logan’, (and when I say hinted I mean Jackman literally yelled “old man Logan” to a crowd of nerds). Fans went ballistic with this announcement, but what is the big deal about this old man Logan you asked and can this actually work? Read More