Dr. Doom is our new ‘Infamous Iron Man’

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We are getting closer to finding out the fate of Tony Stark at the end of Marvel’s Civil War II event. After Marvel first revealed that a new character, 15 year-old  Riri Williams, would don the iconic red and gold armor, effectively replacing Stark, fans begin to question the whereabouts of Tony Stark.

For those of you that were just hoping that Stark was just taking a breather, it might be looking more like Tony has instead taken his last. Marvel has dropped their post Civil War comic line up and it looks like there might be another contender to the Iron Man throne, so say hello to the Infamous Iron Man, the one and only Dr. Victor Von Doom.


Under the creative minds of Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev, Infamous Iron Man stars the former leader of Latveria, Dr. Doom, as the successor to the Iron mantle, and who seeks to succeed where Tony failed (what exactly that means, we still do not know).

If you find that you’re getting some Superior Spider-Man vibes from this announcement, then you’re not alone, and if this announcement comes as a surprise to you, then you might not have been following the breadcrumb sized clues Marvel has been leaving for us.

Doom Has Been Trying To Redeem Himself For A While Now

marvel-divided-we-stand (1)

One of the more recent clues left by Marvel

Victor has played a huge part in the last year of the Marvel universe, in the huge and game changing Secret Wars storyline, Victor served as the main antagonist after gaining omnipotent, God-like powers. Doom reshaped the world, after saving the Marvel universe from annihilation, using his powers to create a new but fractured world, that was made up of multiple different universes which he ruled as a God.

god-doom (1)

God Doom in the Secret Wars (2016) arc

In the end, it took the combined effort of dozens of heroes (including arch nemesis Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic 4) and villains to put a stop to his reign and reset the Marvel universe. However, it was not all bad for Victor, in the aftermath of the conflict Doom got something back, something that not even he could get with his former God like powers and with it came a spark of change.

Victor Von Doom got his face back.

mister-fantastic-heals-doctor-dooms-face-2 (2)

With his “supposed” new lease on life, the former God/Dictator abandoned his Kingdom of Latveria and now assists other heroes and former enemies (whether they want help or not). Nowhere has Victors new “can do” attitude been more apparent, than in the first few issues of Invincible Iron Man (2016).

Tony And Victor Have Been Sharing The Limelight Lately…

doom-iron-man (1)

BFFs till the end?

Tony and Victor have never been great friends, regardless Victor was instrumental in helping Tony to combat the magically imbued Madame Masque, much to the chagrin of Tony. Although it was unclear as to whether the former villain, Victor Von Doom, was genuinely on a path of redemption, it was clear that Marvel wanted to set up a new dynamic and outlook onto the character. Very few of us would have ever guessed that it was to such an extent, but nonetheless, with the Fantastic 4 out of the picture indefinitely, Victor Von Doom needed a new m.o. and fast.

Now, what does this all mean for the young Riri Williams, and who is really going to be the new Iron Man? Fortunately, it looks like we won’t have to wait too long, as we get more answers closer to this fall.


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