The Liebster Awards: Judgement day ed.

I knew this would come…the day where someone would mistake this collection of insane ramblings as an actual blog and now that day is here…So screw it, let’s get this show on the road. So first of all I would like to thank Diego over at LazySundayMovies for exposing my blog as the farce that it is nominating me to take part in this cool event! I’ll admit that before the nomination, I was unfamiliar with the Liebster awards, but after a quick search on google, I confirmed that it was in fact actually not a cult; so in that case, I was on board and ready to do it.

In short, The Liebster awards is a cool way to put your blog out there, as well as to find new blogs and get them recognised; which you do by answering the questions from the blog that nominated you and then nominating other blogs yourself, in which you’ll give your own questions to. So without further delay welcome to the Liebster Awards 2016!


Diego: Q&A

Q1. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A1.  Easy, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, that movie somehow never gets old to me

Q2. If a film was made about your life story, who would you cast to play yourself?

A2.  It’s a toss up between Idris Elba and Michael B. Jordan (I’ll let them fight over it).  Forest Whitaker can play an older version of me. You know what screw it, just let Morgan Freeman do the whole thing, I’m 22 years old but fuck it, the guy has range.

Q3. First movie you remember watching?

A3.  James and the Giant Peach, which is also the first movie I ever saw.

Q4. Favourite movie genre?

A4.  Hmmm this is a tough one, as much as enjoy a good comedy, I think it has to the sci-fi/thriller!

Q5. Favourite movie quote?

A5.  Black Dynamite – “Ha-ha! I threw that shit before I walked in the room!”              (Just watch Black Dynamite the movie for further context, it’s hilarious)

Q6. Favourite TV show at the moment?

  A6. Until  season 2 of Mr Robot starts or Preacher premiers, it’s currently ‘Banshee

Q7. Go-to weapon in a zombie apocalypse?

A7. The Lobotomizer from World War Z of course!!

Q8. Would you rather lose both arms or both legs?

A8. Hell take both pairs, just give me some sweet futuristic military grade prosthetics in return.

Q9. If you could have one power, what would it be?

A9. The power to control and manipulate Gravity. Assuming I don’t accidentally gruesomely kill myself with it first, it would be a pretty cool power.

Q10. When did you start blogging and why?

A10. I wrote something once that made a friend lightly chuckle as he read it, I immediately interpreted his response as him finding what I wrote to be the funniest thing he had ever read in his life…but It wasn’t even my blog that he was reading…it was someone else…I haven’t been the same man ever since

Q11. What do you do when you’re not in front of a keyboard?

A11. What are you, a cop or something?

Ok so now I’m supposed to make a questions and nominate other blogs, but I think that is gonna have to go in a part two, soooooo

To be continued



  1. Diego · May 17, 2016

    Aha I love Scott Pilgrim too. Also looking forward to Preacher. Aha cool answers man!

    Liked by 1 person

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