Marvel enters it’s supernatural phase

The supernatural world is not something we have seen much of in Marvel, sure we have Thor hamming it up with the norse mythology, but when it comes to straight up supernatural stuff, Marvel has mostly shyed away…till now. We saw small inklings of it in the second season of Daredevil (what with the magic heartless vampire Ninja’s), but even then, anything that appeared to be even remotely fucked up and weird was pretty much unexplored.But now with the upcoming Iron Fist series on Netflix starring Finn Jones and the next Marvel phase 3 movie Dr Strange, starring Bendersmash Cabbagepot Benedict Cumberbatch; Marvel is set to fill the missing piece in the Marvel cinematic universe.

So after a long anticipated wait, Marvel finally gives us our first full look at Dr Strange and straight away you can tell that there is something different; going by the trailer at least, Dr Strange has a completely different feel from other Marvel movies, almost looking Inception esque in it’s approach to magic. In fact if it wasn’t for the red and blue Marvel logo stamped above the title, I bet  many would not of even associated it with Marvel movies, but this is not a bad thing? Nope. In fact I’m hoping this is hinting to a big change in the Marvel formula and there would be no better chance to do that than with a movie titled Dr Strange.

I was always cynical about whether Marvel would actually make a Dr Strange movie, but after the runaway success of Guardians of the Galaxy, I am much more optimistic. The trailer seems to show that the narrative will stick closely to the original comics, as we follow Stephen Strange; a doctor who after a car accident irreparably damages his hands, thus ending his career. He stumbles into the world of magic while looking for a cure. Also if your are wondering, Iron Fist is about a dude named Daniel Rand, who punches the heart out of a dragon and so can now punch magic dragon stuff out of his punches, (there is obviously a lot more to it than that bu- wait why is this fucker called Iron fist and not Magic Dragon Fist??). Anyway, while it is still to early to get a look at Magic Dragon Iron Fist, Cumberbatch looks on point as Dr Strange and I think we will be in for something a little different from the Marvel formula, this time around.


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  1. Diego · April 17, 2016

    It’ll be interesting. I think they can pull it off, they’ve definitely earned my trust.

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