The Ghost in the Shell Whitewashing reminds us of a big issue within the movie industry

Ghost in the shell is one of the most recognisable and influential Japanese animations ever, it helped bring the Cyberpunk genre and Sci-Fi as a whole, even deeper into the mainstream. Many elements of this movie/series can be seen in much of today’s media as directors draw influence from this ground breaking series. So when Scarlett Johansson (not from Japan), was cast to play lead character Motoko ‘Major’ Kusanagi (very much from Japan), it didn’t take long for accusations of Whitewashing to hit the internet. Read More


Marvel enters it’s supernatural phase

The supernatural world is not something we have seen much of in Marvel, sure we have Thor hamming it up with the norse mythology, but when it comes to straight up supernatural stuff, Marvel has mostly shyed away…till now. We saw small inklings of it in the second season of Daredevil (what with the magic heartless vampire Ninja’s), but even then, anything that appeared to be even remotely fucked up and weird was pretty much unexplored. Read More