Wolverine Juarez (working title), hinted to borrow heavily from ‘Old man Logan’?

Pretty much from the moment Hugh Jackman announced the third solo Wolverine (currently titled ‘Wolverine Juarez’), would also serve as his last time he’d play the iconic Marvel role; it has been heavily hinted that the next Wolverine movie would borrow heavily from ‘Old Man Logan’, (and when I say hinted I mean Jackman literally yelled “old man Logan” to a crowd of nerds). Fans went ballistic with this announcement, but what is the big deal about this old man Logan you asked and can this actually work?

Who or what is Old Man Logan?


Old man Logan is a comic series by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven that ran in 2008. The comic run followed alternative dystopian future where all the Marvel villains teamed up to defeat all the heroes (yep it’s apparently just that easy folks), claiming America (and most likely the world) for themselves. Wolverine ends up unwittingly assisting in the downfall of the heroes, after being tricked by Mysterio (one of Spider-mans lamest villains, with a fish bowl for a head) into murdering the entire X-men roster (yep it was also just that easy folks, I’m beginning to suspect that this particular futures heroes were made exclusively out of paper). Unable to deal with that sweet kill death ratio, Logan abandons his Wolverine persona, vows to never pop his claws again and starts a quite life with a new family; while under the rule of a demented Bruce Banner (Hulk) and his inbred, gamma fed, green neck offspring.

Naturally shit hits the fan and Wolverine soon finds himself breaking his vow on a quest that takes him all across a warped, villain occupied America. But if you really wanna know the exact how and whys, then I highly recommend you check this series out and give it a read. The Old man Logan character has become quite popular with fans in its own right; being recently drafted into the normal Marvel comic universe (thanks to time travel and bullshit) and current X-men series, along with his own ongoing series (replacing the currently deceased younger Wolverine, because nothing is ever simple in comics).

So could this actually work?

The old man Logan series went to some pretty crazy places and just by looking at the above image, I think it’s safe to say that a lot of thing aren’t gonna make it to the final cut; some for obvious reasons like Fox simply not having the rights to characters from the Marvel roster. Characters such as Hawkeye (an older blind version) and the Red Skull to name a few, played huge parts in the story, however it’s gonna be pretty much impossible to use these characters. This of course is not a deal breaker, characters can easily be swapped out for almost anyone from the X-men roster.

But what about the setting and time period? Well the movie would likely take place in the future possibly even further past Days of Future past, however I think it would be on a much smaller scale with no Villain controlled America, so not to interfere with any future X-men movie plans. To that end I think we’ll see a retired Wolverine living out his days in the Juarez desert (hence the name), instead of the originally used California desert, with Juarez being ruled by various different (possibly mutant) hostile factions. So it is unlikely that we’ll see symbiote infused T-rexs or Spider-mans evil daughter ‘Spider-Bitch’. Regardless it wouldn’t be hard to keep the spirit of the source material, as we follow an older, wiser, sharper and more disciplined Wolverine who’s called into action one more time, despite probably being “too old for this shit”. This all would certainly make for a fun exit for Jackman as we get to explore a slightly different Wolverine that we are used to seeing on-screen, however this is of course all just speculation.

What I would like to see: exploring the Wolverine family tree

Wolverine’s family in Old man Logan are a key aspect of the story, helping to define Logan’s character. While his family in the comics are just your pretty normal run of the mill family (all things considered), I can’t help to think how interesting it would be if some of Wolverines extended family tree were included. Characters such as Laura ‘X-23’ Kinney (left) and Akihiro ‘Daken’ (below) have each shaken up Wolverines world in big ways; X-23, a more recent Marvel character, who was well received by fans after her debut on the X-men Evolution TV series. The characters popularity has only continued to skyrocket, with Marvel placing more of a spotlight on her. X-23 originally started off as a clone of Wolverine who was also raised to be a weapon. After escaping, she lived rough on the streets before eventually finding her way to the x-men. where she was tutored by her sort of father Wolverine. Since then she has appeared in various popular comic runs and now serves as the current Wolverine.

Daken, also a more recent character, has had less success than X-23 and has overall been met with mixed reactions from fans. Regardless, as the biological son of Wolverine, Daken has become an interesting foil and villain; due to his complicated relation ship with Wolverine, that is mostly fulled with contempt, resulting in more than a few murder attempts on Logan’s life. Having both or either one of these characters in ‘Wolverine Juarez’ brings everything to full circle, allowing for some closure for the Wolverine character. Despite it being Jackmans last time donning the claws, we will still see Wolverine continue in some form, being played by another actor. However by featuring X-23 or Daken they can in a sense pass the torch along and bring a sense of finality to Jackman’s amazing run as Wolverine. Regardless of what interpretation of Old man Logan we end up with, I’m sure we’ll be in for one of the better solo Wolverine movies, out of an otherwise lackluster series (I’m looking at you Wolverine Origins).


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