Wolverine Juarez (working title), hinted to borrow heavily from ‘Old man Logan’?

Pretty much from the moment Hugh Jackman announced the third solo Wolverine (currently titled ‘Wolverine Juarez’), would also serve as his last time he’d play the iconic Marvel role; it has been heavily hinted that the next Wolverine movie would borrow heavily from ‘Old Man Logan’, (and when I say hinted I mean Jackman literally yelled “old man Logan” to a crowd of nerds). Fans went ballistic with this announcement, but what is the big deal about this old man Logan you asked and can this actually work? Read More


Shitty Opinions: The Walking Dead ‘The Next World’

*Major spoilers ahead

Rick and Daryl find Jesus

After all the crazy stuff that happened in last week episode ‘No way out’, this weeks episode titled ‘ The new world takes’ dials everything back a little. Revealing one of the series most light-hearted episode ever (or at least as light-hearted as hunting down your dead loved ones in the woods can get), since season 2 on the farm, where stuff probably happened on said farm (honestly I don’t remember much of season 2…does anybody?). This episode ultimately serves to introduce one of the comics most popular charter, known as ‘Jesus’ (yes you read that right). So as usual I’m gonna shit out some of my opinions good and bad, on how this weeks mellow but important episode was handled. Read More

Daredevil Season 2 Trailer: “You’re just one bad day away”

Netflix’s rendition of Marvels Daredevil series taught us that Marvel could be just as dark and brooding as the DC live action movies. We’ve come a long way from Ben Affleck’s gimp inspired leather Daredevil costume, which clung just a little too tightly in certain places (and lets not forget Collin Farrell’s grandma murdering and all round fucked up version of ‘Bullseye’). Hell’s Kitchen is a bleak place, a dark underbelly of New York which most other heroes apparently don’t have the time to deal with. That is of course for except for Hell’s Kitchen’s resident and blind lawyer/vigilante Matt Murdock  (and I guess Jessica Jones and Luke cage but hey that is a story for another article). Read More

Shitty Opinions: The Walking Dead ‘No way out’

*Major spoilers ahead                                                                                                                            

Explosions solve everything                      

The Walking Dead’s mid season opener ‘No way out’ just premiered, so this feels like the most appropriate time to give my shitty opinions on some of the scenes in a pretty action packed, rocket fulled, advert plagued zombfest. After being absent from our screens for so  long, its nice to have the ever popular serious back and they have definitely hit the ground running, with a thoroughly enjoyable start to the second half of the season. Regardless the Walking Dead often gets away with some shoddy stuff sometimes and this episode had a few silly and not so silly bumps along the road. Read More