Batman ♥ Superman: Breaking Dawn PT. 1

First trailer up is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which looks set to be the new Twilight of our generation; we have Batman, our enigmatic, wealthy, brooding, dark knight, who really needs to get his shit together (Edward). Superman, an alien outcast who just wants to be accepted and is convinced that his life is worse than yours (Bella), despite the fact that he has super powers, and has most likely left half the citizens of Metropolis jobless…or dead. Finally to complete the love triangle there’s Wonder Woman…who is just kind of there…and is Wonder Woman (Werewolf guy). Because you know, without Wonder boobs we might come to realise that Batman v Superman, could just be the greatest gay love story ever told.

"I'll never let you go Bruce"

“I’ll never let you go Bruce”

In all seriousness though, I am actually looking forward to seeing this movie. With director Zack Snyders smart move (he probably planned this from the start) to play off of the collateral damage at the climax of ‘Man of Steel’, and use that as fuel for the plot of Batman v Superman. So from what we can gather from the trailer, the world is polarised as to what to do with Superman; some embrace him as a God and others (including a not so bald Lex Luthor) fear him and view him as an illegal Immigrant Alien who will steal your jobs, by literally blowing them up (and to be fair, Superman has a bad track record with that).

Batman (being a part of the 1%) has his mind set on taking Superman down, viewing him as a danger to the planet. Interestingly this is a much older Batman that draws heavily from Frank Millers comic run ‘Dark Knight Returns’. Now if you know a thing or two about Dark Knight Returns, it’s that this is an older iteration of Batman that is more volatile and generally doesn’t take any shit from anyone, including but not limited to; the government, clowns, disgruntled youth and green rock fearing alien sun gods. So it’ll be interesting to see what kind of dynamic we end up with by the end of this movie, especially when you have a fresh faced Superman clash with a more experienced graying at the hairs Batman, who’s already seen some Jared Leto related shit. My bet is that they still won’t be friends…until they’re forced into the Justice League movie that is.


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