Batman ♥ Superman: Breaking Dawn PT. 1

First trailer up is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which looks set to be the new Twilight of our generation; we have Batman, our enigmatic, wealthy, brooding, dark knight, who really needs to get his shit together (Edward). Superman, an alien outcast who just wants to be accepted and is convinced that his life is worse than yours (Bella), despite the fact that he has super powers, and has most likely left half the citizens of Metropolis jobless…or dead. Finally to complete the love triangle there’s Wonder Woman…who is just kind of there…and is Wonder Woman (Werewolf guy). Because you know, without Wonder boobs we might come to realise that Batman v Superman, could just be the greatest gay love story ever told. Read More


Comic-Con starts now

Comic-Con is here (or there depending on your geographical location in regards to San Diego), and with it comes the sweaty masses, worshiped celebrities, an endless array of Deadpool cosplayers, Firefly season 2 and lastly trailers! Shaky, vertically filmed, iPhone quality movie trailers! If you’re like me, you’ve decided to spite God for giving you too much of a life, to not drag yourself down to San Diego’s Comic-Con, by watching every single leaked trailer. So for the next few days weeks, I’ll be making a few posts of my opinions on some of the trailers. I will of course wait for the official HD trailer release (my Momma raised me right after all), but you better be damn sure I’ve watched that trailer a hundred times already, iPhone quality be damned.